The promotion of the IEEE Milestone Program has been a major goal of the Italy Section over the recent years. Tiziana Tambosso, the present chair of the Section, has been strongly supporting the work of the History Activities Committe on this purpose. It was recently suggested that one of the possible Milestone is the contribution of Galileo Feraris to the development of AC induction motor.

The purpose of the meeting in Turin was to explore the ground far an application concerning Ferraris’ achievement. The meeting took place in Turin because the Turin Polytechnic resulted from the Royal Italian Industrial Museum where Galileo Ferraris was a professor.


Present: Tiziana Tambosso, Italy Section chair; Antonio Savini (coordinator) and Massimo Guarnieri (member) of the History Activities Committee; Alberto Tenconi ( Department Director) and Michele Tartaglia ( Professor) of the Turin Polytechnic.


Among the decision taken: A IEEE member from the Turin Polytechnic will prepare the application with the help of the History Activity Committee possibly by the end of May. The Rector of the Turin Polytecnic will express his committment to place and preserve the plaque in or around the Great Hall of the Polytecnic. Most probably another plaque will be asked for to be placed in Livorno Ferraris, the birthplace of the Italian inventor.

Meeting of the History Activities Committee with the Chair of the Italy Section and authorities of Turin Polytechnic