The Awards were presented in Palermo during IEEE RTSI 2018.


1. Honorary Award: Federico Faggin.

This Award is assigned to candidates that have provided exceptional contribution to the science and technology state-of-the-art or outstanding service to humanity in the IEEE’s designated fields of interest. This prestigious award was assigned to Federico Faggin  for his outstanding contributions to the self aligned MOS silicon gate theory & technology and to the development of the first microprocessor.


2. Distinguished Service Award: Ermanno Cardelli.

This award is for exceptional contributions and service for the benefit and advancement of the IEEE Italy Section. The level of service will often include serving the Section in several capacities or in position of significant responsibility.


3. Industrial Distinguished Lecturer Award: Enrico Ragaini (ABB).

With this award IEEE Italy Section promotes the diffusion of cutting-edge knowledge with emphasis on industrial challenges and perspective, for the benefit of its members. At the same time, the speakers and their employing companies are given the opportunity to make a strong impact on IEEE Italian community. Ultimately, this award aims to strengthen the ties between IEEE members and industry leaders.

Distinguished lecturer travel to various locations in Italy to give from a minimum of three to a maximum of six lectures per year. They shall be invited by Chapter, AG or SB Chairs who will organize lectures at their Universities/Research Centers but also at Conferences, workshops and other technical events organized by IEEE Italy Section.


4. Chapter Awards

  • Best Chapter Award – Power & Energy Italy Chapter chaired by Stefano Massucco (represented by the vice-chair Roberto Langella).
  • Most Innovative Chapter Award – Instrumentation and Measurement Italy Chapter Chaired by Leopoldo Angrisani.
  • Most Improved membership chapter Award – Engineering in Medicine and Biology Italy Chapter chaired by Sergio Cerutti (represented by Carmelina Ruggero).


 5. Student Branch Awards

Student branches are crucial to the growth and development of IEEE Student members. They create a local network of students and give students the opportunity to meet and learn from fellow students, as well as faculty members and professionals in the field. The purpose of this award is to provide public recognition of exemplary IEEE Student Branch operations.

  • Exemplary Student Branch Award – Politecnico di Milano (chaired by Lorenzo di Tucci).
  • Most Innovative SB Award – Pavia (chaired by Enrico Massoni represented by Riccardo Bagarotti).
  • Most Improved SB Award – Politecnico di Torino (chaired by Leonardo Iannucci represented by the SB treasurer Vincenzo Randazzo).


6. IEEE Italy Section Master and PhD Thesis Award on New Challenges for Energy and Industry

  • Sara Chiriatti (Università di Bologna)  – “Implementazione di un modello stocastico per la simulazione di una microrete con tecnologia vehicle to grid” Woman in engineering Award.
  • Giacomo Piero Schiapparelli (Università di Genova) – Quantification of primary frequency control provision from battery energy storage systems connected to active distribution networks”. 
  • Luca Tessaro (Università di Trento) – “A LoRa Wireless Sensor Network for Industry 4.0 Applications”. 
  • Morris Antonello (Università di Padova) – “Semantic Models of Scenes and Objects for Service and Industrial Robotics”.    
  • Michele Cucuzzella (Università di Pavia) – “Design and Analysis of Sliding Mode Control Algorithms for Power Networks”.        
  • Stefania Collura (Università di Palermo) – “Controllo della conversione dell’energia elettrica in microreti intelligenti” Woman in engineering Award.


7. Young Professional Demo Competition: Giovanni Artale (University of Palermo) for the project “Demonstrator of an Innovative Power Line Communication Coupler for Medium Voltage Smart Grids”.

To recognize the most innovative prototype implementation, system and technology in the RTSI field of interest, presented with a demo by an IEEE Young Professional.  


8. Best PhD Thesis Award of the Computational Intelligence Society Italy Chapter: Raffaello Camoriano.

To recognize distinguished work by young researchers in the field of Computational Intelligence through presentation of an Award for the best PhD Thesis defended in an Italian University in 2017. 


9. Award for the organizing venueGuido Ala.

To recognize the exceptional contribution to the organization of RTSI2018.

IEEE RTSI 2018 Awards