• Honorary Award 2023 – Description

Recipient: Andrew J. Viterbi  “Fundamental and lasting contributions to communications technology and theory”

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  • Honorary Award 2022 – Description

Recipient: Pasquale Pistorio – The rebuilder of European Semiconductor industry, able to combine profit and environmental/social sustainability

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  • Honorary Award 2021 – Description

Recipient: Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli – for ground-breaking contributions and pioneering innovation in electronic design automation that have enabled the design of modern integrated circuits and their industrial implementation

Award Ceremony, (online), October 5, 2021

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  • Honorary Award 2020 – Description

Recipient: Federico Capasso – for outstanding and pioneering contributions to the physics of quantum confined photonic systems and their applications, ranging from bandstructure engineering and the invention of Quantum Cascade Lasers to the physics and engineering of metasurfaces

Award Ceremony, (online), October 12, 2020

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Recipient: Roberto Padovani – for pioneering innovations in mobile packet-switched Internet access, central to third- and fourth-generation cellular networks

Honorary Award Ceremony, Pisa (Italy), February 6, 2020

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Recipient: Federico Faggin – for his outstanding contributions to the self aligned MOS silicon gate theory & technology and to the development of the first microprocessor

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Recipient: Leonardo Chiariglione – for the significant contribution in the development of MPEG international standards

Award Ceremony during RTSI 2017 (from left to right: Tiziana Tambosso, Leonardo Chiariglione, Bernardo Tellini)

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